Artichoke Lamps


The artichoke lamp is an exquisite piece of lighting that can be used for some applications, depending on the kind of lamp you choose to have in your living room. Just like with any other light fixture, the construction of the fixture will determine its application.tuhasdcASyjt

Ideally, the shade of the Artichoke lamp from 122 Design is usually made up of a series of overlapping leaves, just like the real artichoke. This applies in particular if it is a chandelier light meant for your living room. This design is consistent with the original one by the designer who designed this lamp back in 1950’s.

Things To Look For In Artichoke Lamps

Purpose of Lighting Fixture

This type of lamp is designed for decorative lighting or to allow you to read from whichever room it is placed in. You need to determine if it will also be used for reading or only for beautification. A living room may also have areas that may be set aside for studying, and therefore need more lighting than others.

There are those that are meant for the desk, and unlike the chandelier type, the decorative Artichoke leaves design, the decorations are on the base of the lighting fixture. This is ideal for those who do not want the decorations to interfere with the light and illumination. The chandelier design is consistent with the original design and the original designer meant it to be that way.

Level of Illumination

The light’s shade with colored leaves tends to provide a dimmer illumination that is not suitable for reading. Consider going for a lighting piece, white colored shades if you want to get enough illumination for reading.

The other thing that you need to consider is the style. Shades with curved petals tend to look more feminine and cozy. Flat shaped petals tend to be more masculine. The flat shaped leaves also tend to look more modern and sophisticated, even though this is closer to the original design from 1958.

Determining Style

ghnmcasdcfgcTo maximize the modern look design, consider petals with a metallic finish on the surface of the shade. Therefore, you need to find designer lamps that match with the theme of your living room as well as your décor. This decision needs to be made before the purchase to avoid the disappointment of having a lighting fixture that does not fit into your living room.

If you are going to be going for free standing lighting pieces, then you need to consider the following things. If it is a stand-alone piece standing away from the other furniture, in areas such as the hallways, then the base should be broad enough to ensure it is not knocked off by passers-by.