Learn How to Screen Print Your Shirt

screen printing

If you want to create your specialized products, screen printing is one of the best options you are required to consider. But before you select this option, you need to ask yourself how does screen printing work? For you to get the answers to this question, you need to spare your free time and learn a lot of new important things concerning the process of screen printing. With the use of screen printing, most designers and artists can place their designs and artwork with any material. Below are some of the steps you need to consider when screen-printing your shirt.

Create Your Image

create your imageThe first step you need to consider when screen-printing your shirt is creating your image. When you are coming up with the image, ensure that you come up with a simple picture that does not have many thin lines. You should pick or create a stable black image because it will help you to block the light. Also, speaking of the picture, you should remember that it will be burnt into the emulsion afterward. But once you have settled on the best image, print it on a laser printer and a transparent paper.

Coat the Screen in Emulsion

This is the next step you are recommended to consider. When you are coating the screen with the emulsion, you need to understand that this emulsion comes in major two parts. There are the emulsion and the sensitizer. Now you need to mix them depending on the direction of the bottle. Then lay down the screen just on a garbage bag. After that, pour the mixture on the screen and then spread it on the screen. Make sure that you repeat this process till the screen is thoroughly coated.

Expose the Image on the Screen

After you have finished coating the screen in the emulsion, the next step that follows is exposing the image on the screen. When you are doing this, ensure that you have laid down a board or a black cloth. Then lay both the frame and the screen. After that, lay the transparency together with your image.

Clean the Screen

clean the screenCleaning your print is essential. When you are cleaning it, you can spray the screen with cold water from a shower head, sink or hose. Continue spraying until you see through the image. After it is clean, you need to hold the screen up to the light to make the screen dry. Then print it and then clean it up.