Taking a Look at Different Types Of Glass Bongs

white glass bong 2

Glass bongs have proofed to be an ideal material which for a long time has been used as water pipes. These bongs have been highly recommended for water pipes due to its high resistance to heat. You can now find cheap bongs but quality bongs. Glass water pipes have become an idyllic way of smoking legal herbs, tobacco, oils, and concentrates.

These glass bongs work by filtering dry herbs and concentrates by use of specially designed water percolators which cools down and filters the smoke for a much smoother smoking experience. Glass bongs are highly effective because they don’t add any unnecessary flavor to your smoke and is easy to clean and maintain.

Types of glass bongs

Fritted Disc Glass Bongwhite glass bong

This is a special type of glass bong which has been made using the finest materials and is technologically improved. It is made up of tiny debris of glass that is collected and melted together to make this fritted glass.

It has a compartment with very tiny holes that aids in breaking up the smoke more than just water alone. This bong enhances a smooth and tasty smoke with vapor that has been cleaned and filtered well.

Gravity Glass Bongs

A gravity bong is a homemade device which is synonymous with producing a massive cloud of smoke and gets one heavily medicated with the herb or concentrate. It is made by filling a larger container with water, and a smaller bottle is filled with the herb and dipped halfway in water in the larger container.

When the bud is lighted and pulled upwards, it creates a vacuum in the smaller bottle filling it with smoke. The cap is then removed, and the smoke will be ready for inhaling.

The Soft Glass Bong

This is a type of glass bong which is transparent and allows one to enjoy the clarity of the water in your bong while enjoying the clean vapor smoke of your favorite flavor.

They are the simplest type of glass bongs which consist of a slide base, tube, and mouthpiece. Some improved ones feature ice pinches which are very fundamental in cooling the smoke and making it tasty.

Percolator Glass Bongsgreen glass bong

This bong has various compartments filled with water and which aids in cooling the smoke. This percolator bong works by breaking the smoke into smaller particles to create a substantial surface area to help in cooling the smoke for a smoother and tasty smoke.

When choosing a glass bong, there are other features to consider before deciding on which type of glass bong is suitable. They come in a variety of shapes, size, and color, and are very important to consider when choosing an appropriate and suitable glass bong.