What You Need to Know before Purchasing an Xbox Racing Pro

boy playing Xbox Racing Pro

Gone are the days when PC games were played using wired gaming-pads, then came the wireless consoles that most people loved. Now as technology is evolving, manufacturers have come up with the next generation type of gaming pads that make you feel the feel of the game in you.

The Xbox racing pro is a type of a console racing pro, typically used in computerized racing games. The Xbox Racing Pro review of the thrustmaster wheel is intended to help the players and clients make the right choice. Below is a fast tour of everything you may wish to know before purchasing an Xbox racing pro console.

Critical information

Vibration Feedback

Xbox Racing Pro toolVibration on gaming pads has been around for years. This is evident in cases where one is driving and maybe comes along a bump or even crashes on something. The racing wheels have been made in a way to respond to cases of vibrations just like in the standard gaming pads.

However, the racing wheels do not come along with force feedback. This means that the wheel will vibrate just like any other gaming console pad. However, no motor inside the wheel adds resistance to the wheel.

Type of Pedal

The design of the racing pro console is just like that of a modern car. It has a wheel pedals etc. it is of great important to know the type of pedals your Racing pro console has. The less expensive wheels which may be $200 and below are commonly made of plastic medals supported by a small spring and an elastic. For economic reasons that may be okay with you, however, such type of a pedal is not the durable choice.

A mid-range pedal set may be much more preferable. This is because even though it uses plastic, it comes along with better springs that provide more realistic resistance together with the metal pedals that reinforces durability. There is also the Premium Pedals that are way more robust. This premium pedals are however way more expensive than the latter.

Considering a Clutch

Xbox Racing Pro 2Before purchasing the Xbox racing pro, you should consider whether a manual gearbox that has a clutch is desirable. A wheel that has a clutch has the advantage of simulating the experience of driving a manual transmission realistically.

However, wheels that do not have a clutch can always still shift, thought they rely on paddles that are located behind the wheel. The fact that a clutch adds the simulation experience of the game, the clutch option is usually not appropriate for every game. This is because a clutch makes driving a lot more challenging