Why Your Air Conditioning is Not Working Properly


Summers get homeowners thinking of their air conditioning systems. Even so, a few things may hinder an air conditioning from working properly when needed. To get your air conditioning system in order, you need to know about these things as a way of preparing for what to do. Here are the top issues that homeowners should deal with to make effective their air conditioning systems.

Causes of Air Conditioning Problems

Dirty filters

A dirty filter is perhaps one common reason many air conditioning systems do not work properly. A dirty filterac outside window leads to clogging, thus hindering a smooth passage of air through it. This condition may lead to freezing of the air conditioner and cause damage to other parts in the system. Therefore, it is important to service your air conditioning system regularly to help check your filters and make replacements when needed.

Misplaced sensors

There several sensors that come with your AC unit. These sensors are primarily for measuring and regulating temperature going through evaporator coils. The locations of sensors are in different parts of your home for effective measurement of temperature. Misplacing the sensors makes it a bit difficult for your air conditioning system to determine, with precision, whether to stay on or remain off. As a tip, you will need to set the sensors at the right place. Professional help comes in handy when resetting your sensors.

Insufficient refrigerant

For an air conditioning system to function effectively, it needs Freon, which cools the air down. Any leak in the refrigeration system will hurt the temperature regulation requirements. You can use dyes that determine where the leak is to identify the location of the leak and block the damaged parts.

Clogged drain lines

ac boxIn an ideal situation, the drain lines work to remove condensed water from the system. The drain line can clog over time making it impossible to clear water from the condenser. The only remedy to this situation is to find a way of unclogging the drain line. Besides doing it by yourself, you might need to engage a professional to deal with the situation and any technical issue that might be leading to this problem.

Damaged contactors

A contactor is synonymous to a switch. It serves to let power into the AC unit. A contactor can be the problem when the air conditioner fails to start. Whenever there is a problem with powering the air conditioner, the best solution is usually to contact a reliable contractor to troubleshoot and ascertain the exact source of the problem. When the contactor is not supplying power, you need to have it replaced.